Junior High

Junior High Supply List

All materials for class should be contained in your binder.  This is a supply list for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies only.  The elective and rotation classes will have their own list of supplies.


Supplies required EVERY DAY in each class (put these in a large binder):

·        pencils/erasers

·        blue or black ink pens

·        red ink pens

·        loose leaf notebook paper 

·        folder for each subject          

·        perforated spiral bound notebook for each subject

·        composition notebook for English


Supplies required at some time during the year:

·        small package of colored pencils

·        small package of thin markers

·        graph paper

·        3 by 5 inch note cards

·        calculator (make sure it has square root function, scientific functions are fine but not necessary.

·        protractor (the smaller the better, nothing fancy)

·        headphones/earbuds

·        OPTIONAL - (For an extra credit opportunity for social studies) - a three ring binder at least one inch thick.


Not necessary, but good to have:

·        white out

·        scissors

·        highlighter