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The USDA program that we have had for the last couple years has ended.  We will be starting back to full-priced breakfasts and lunches for students in our district, and so students will need to make sure that they have money in their school meal account in order to receive a breakfast or lunch from the cafeteria.  Full-priced breakfasts are $2.15 and full-priced lunches are $2.65.  To see if your family qualifies for free or reduced meals (reduced-price breakfasts $0.30 and reduced-price lunches $0.40)at school, you will need to complete the federal application that is available from Mrs. Karla Tate, the high school building secretary.   If you have any questions, contact the high school office at 417-751-2330.  Please see the information below for more details about the application.

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