Staff Directory

Ash Grove High School Administrators:


Mr. Chris Thompson

Special Services Director

Mrs. Erica Long

Special Services Page

Assist. Principal, Athletic Director, A+ Coordinator

Mr. Brian Bagley

School Counselor

Mr. Chris Hall

Counseling Page


Mrs. Karla Tate (High School and Junior High Main Office)

Mrs. June Day (A+ Schools, Athletic Dept., Counseling, MOSIS, Special Services)

Director of Curriculum and Technology:

Mr. Austin Houp


Mrs. Lindsay Buckley

Mrs. Robin Tucker

Business Technology:

Mrs. Kelly Blankenship

English Language Arts:

Click here for: English Dept. Website

Mrs. Amanda Houp

Mrs. Jessica Langley

Mrs. Kylie Moler (JH)

Fine Arts:

Mrs. Michelle Carter (Band K-12)

Ms. Nancy Jones (Art)

Mrs. Diana Eiberger (Choir K-12)

Health and PE:

Mr. Bryan Dean

Mrs. Pam Swift

Mr. Ryan Long

Mr. Grant Williamson


Mr. Chris Beasley

Ms. Sharon Gadient

Mrs. Dianna Lobdell (JH)

Online Learning:

Mrs. Amanda Cox

Practical Arts:

Mr. Martin Fortenberry (Industrial Tech.)

Ms. Jocelyn Lowry (FACS)

Mr. Nathan Isakson (Agriculture)


Mr. Austin Jackson (JH)

Mr. Gabe Whitehead

Mr. Joshua Reece

Social Science:

Mr. Ethan Albrecht (JH)

Mr. Corey Scott

Mr. Matthew Fender

Special Services:

Mrs. Cathy Atkins

Mr. Jared Langley

Ms. Stephanie Hayes

Mr. John Langley (JH)


Mr. Jackson Bagley

Mrs. Patty Gonzales

Ms. Cynthia Lahey