Summer School

Summer School 2023

Ash Grove High School is offering two sessions for the 2023 Summer School, May 30-June 9  and June 12-23. Classes will meet from 8:00am to 3:05pmEnrollment application and bus transportation pickup/dropoff times for the district are listed below.

High school students may earn 0.5 credit per session, and students who just completed their 8th grade year may enroll in summer school classes as a 9th grader and receive high school credit.  No credit is issued to any student taking the Jr. High Core Skills class.  Students earning high school credit are allowed only one absence per session of summer school. 


The school will serve a free breakfast and free lunch every day for every child.  We encourage all children to take advantage of this free program.  Breakfast will be served 7:40am – 7:55am, and lunch will be served to junior high and high school students from 11:40am-12:00pm.  Meals for all grades will be served in the elementary cafeteria.


To enroll in summer school, students must complete and submit the Summer School Enrollment Google Form or return the form attached to this letter to the Counseling Office.  If students or their parents have any questions about summer school, please call the Counseling Office at 417-751-2330 and select the Counseling option or option 6, or email the counselor Mr. Hall at or Mrs. Day at


The following classes will be offered this summer at Ash Grove High School:

§ Driver Education (0.5 credit) Students must be 15 years old by August 1.  Also, the Driver Education class schedule is different than any other class. Students must complete the classroom session and driving times to earn credit for the class.  The Driver Ed classroom session will begin with a one-day workshop on May 23 from 8:00am to 2:00pm, followed by a one-week online studies program.  Students will sign up for driving times which will be completed during June and July.  When students have enrolled for the class, more information will be emailed to them.  

§ Health (0.5 credit) Session 1 only, Health is usually taken by incoming 9th grade students but is available to any high school student who has not previously completed a Health course.

§ Personal Finance (0.5 credit) Session 1 only, for incoming juniors and seniors only.

§ Pre-Algebra (0.5-1.0 credit) Sessions 1 & 2, this is a preparatory class for Algebra I; seats are limited.

§ Edgenuity Elective Courses (0.5-1 credit) See attached sheet for available courses.

§ Edgenuity Foreign Language (0.5-1 credit) Sessions 1 & 2, for high school students only.  Languages available are Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish.

§ Credit Recovery (0.5- 1.0 credits) Sessions 1 & 2, for high school students only, to recover credits for core courses that were not successfully completed in previous years.  This includes 9th-12th grade English, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses.

§ Junior High Core Skills (no credit) Sessions 1 & 2, incoming 7th and 8th grade students.  Students will work in all of the four core areas:  English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  No high school credit is given for this course but it will help students to be better prepared for their upcoming year in junior high.  Students may attend one or both sessions. 

Enrollment for summer school may be accomplished by completing and submitting the Google form linked here, or by printing the pdf linked here, completing the form and returning it to the Counseling Office or emailing it to or fax to 417-751-9685.  

Summer School Bus Route Information

Pick up and drop off times for Summer School 2023:

Bus 5-10 Dan Downing

7:10am-7:15am The Round Barn/Drop off at 3:35pm

7:30am College and Orchard/ Drop off at 3:20pm

7:32am Serenity Valley/Drop Off 3:17pm

7:35am College and Perryman/ Drop off at 3:15pm

7:40am West End Mill and Bradley/ Drop off at 3:10pm

Bus 1-03 Roger Clawson

7:15-7:25am Hopewell Baptist Church/ Drop off at 3:25pm

Bus 11-08 Randy Crouch

7:15-7:30am Bois D’Arc Elementary/ Drop off at 3:20pm

Bus 15-16 Christa Clawson

7:10-7:25am Hilltop Baptist Church/ Drop off at 3:25pm

Summer Sports Camps and Weights