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New!!!  ***ICAP Night March 16 from 6-7:30pm***
in the High School Cafeteria
for 8th and 9th Grade Students and Their Parents/Guardians

Beginning this year, Ash Grove High School will have an ICAP Night to help students build their yearly course schedules.  The ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) was created by DESE to ensure students are prepared to enter college or the workforce successfully after high school.  Every student in Ash Grove High School will recognize a career field they have interest in pursuing, and then build a plan of study that will help prepare them to enter that field.  During the ICAP Night, the school counselor and several teachers will help students build a tentative schedule for each year they have remaining in high school.

We are encouraging parents/guardians to come to this event as well!  We want you to be a part of the process of helping your student create the schedule that will best prepare them for life after high school.  

If you have any questions, you may contact the Counseling Office at 417-751-2330.

Parent and Student Portal

Grades, schedules, and attendance information are available on the student information system (SIS).  Parents and students may log into the SIS portal throughout the year to view those.  If you would like a paper copy of quarter or semester grades, you may contact the high school office to get one printed.  If you are new to the district and need to set up the inital login for the parent portal, contact the high school office at 417-751-2330.

The login link for the SIS website is:

For a brief student-focused view of some of the things happening around Ash Grove High School, click on the Monday Memo link .  This is not an exhaustive posting, but especially for those who don't do social media, it's a resource for you to know more about upcoming events and activities.

Home of the Pirates!

The 2022-2023 District School Calendar

School Calendar 2022-2023.pdf

School Photos

Picture Retake Day was Wednesday, October 26, and the event's Order Code is 69731EF.
Order photos online at 

If you are still wanting to order photos from the first Picture Day in August, the Order Code for that day is 69731BF.


When your student is absent from school, please notify the high school office.  The phone number to call is 417-751-2330, and the office opens every morning by 7:45am. If your student has had a doctor or dental appointment during school hours, please send a note from that office documenting their visit. 


The next  ACT test date for this school year is April 15, 2023, and the registration deadline is March 10.   The following opportunity to take the ACT will be June 10, and the deadline for that test date is May 5.  For more information on the ACT, visit or come by the Counseling Office. 

Seniors and Parents of Seniors:  Now is the time to complete the FAFSA!

After October 1 each year, the FAFSA, the  "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" opens for students to apply for federal student aid.  Any graduating senior who is planning to attend college next year should complete the FAFSA as this is a major tool that colleges use to determine a student's financial need and eligibility for federal aid as well as certain financial need-based scholarships.  This is not a loan - the grant money you receive from this does not have to be repaid, and it is free to apply.   The sooner you fill this out the better.  Why?  Because if you fill it out sooner, you may be able to get more grants (money) that will help you pay for college.  Even if there's the slightest chance you may go to college next year, you need to fill this out.  

To fill out the FAFSA, here's what you will need to bring:

For more information or for help in completing the FAFSA, contact the Counseling Office at 417-751-9616 or 417-751-9605.

F_R Communication.pdf

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With colds, flus, and virus illnesses, please keep in mind these health guidelines:

What is a Trauma-Informed School?

Ash Grove High School is excited about implementing the state directive on being a Trauma-Informed school.A “Trauma-informed school” is a school that:a. realizes the widespread impact of trauma and understands potential paths for recovery b. recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in students, teachers, and staff c. responds by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into its policies, procedures, and practices; and d. seeks to actively resist re-traumatizationFor more Information you may visit:Missouri Model  for Trauma-Informed Schools Link:


Click here to view the current immunization requirements of the state of Missouri.

To contact the school nurse, Christa Clawson, email or call 417-751-9613.